30 of the Best Places to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday [2022]

Savannah, Georgia, USA bars and restaurants on River Street.

If you ask someone from the United States what they think is the most important birthday, most people will say it’s your 21st birthday. At 21, you’re finally free – while you might be technically an adult at 18, you can legally drink at 21. And what better way to celebrate such a monumental occasion […]

10 Tips for Traveling to Cuba: Plan Your Cuban Getaway

10 Tips for Traveling to Cuba - a colorful street in Havana with a green classic car

In 2015, I spent my spring break studying abroad in Cuba. For ten days, I explored Havana and the Bay of Pigs area in Northern Cuba, visiting clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, and universities in order to learn about the Cuban healthcare system. This was my first time visiting Cuba, and I had an incredible time. I […]